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S.No Webinar Name Webinar Date Webinar Details  Webinar Recording
1 Smart Grid and Distributed Solar Integration 30-Aug-20 Not Available Videos
2 COP workshop | India & Smart Grids 18-Aug-20 Not Available Not Available
3 GSGF Webinar on Working Group Report on Electromobility in Smart Grid: State of the Art and Challenging Issues 08-sep-2020 Not Available Videos
4 Electricity distribution – creating the change,Webinar Hosted by ISGF and RTI, India 20-Aug-20 https://indiasmartgrid.org/viewnews.php?id=4663 Videos
5 The Cover Story: One Sun, One World , One Grid 17-Jul-20 https://bit.ly/39naLpl Not Available
6 Webinar on “Successful PLC technology use cases in India and Europe” 16-Jul-20 Not Available Videos
7 EY webcast on ‘Smart metering adoption in India: Now, Next and Beyond’ 10-Jul-20 https://go.ey.com/3jtikzx Videos
8 Webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC” 7-Jul-20 https://bit.ly/30Evgd5 Videos
9 Webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC” 7-Jul-20 https://bit.ly/30Evgd5 Videos
10 Blockchain Applications in energy sector 17-Jun-20 https://bit.ly/3hprpYb Videos
11 ACEF 2020- Cross Border Power Trade and Future Energy Markets 16-Jun-20 https://bit.ly/2WQxLId Videos
12 Webinar on “Energy Planning for Cities of SAARC in Future” 12-May-20 https://www.saarcenergy.org/webinar-on-energy-planning-for-cities-of-saarc-in-future/ Videos
13 Webinar to Disseminate the Study on “Infrastructure & Enabling Environment for Road Electric Transport in SAARC Member States” 5-May-20 https://bit.ly/2OSkeeN Videos
14 Webinar on Minimum Load/Ramp Test Procedures for Coal Based TPPs 27-Apr-20 https://bit.ly/3hIzbgf Videos
15 GridOPower : Acquainting with Smart Grid 23-Apr-20 https://bit.ly/3hpQceH Videos
16 Webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC” 17-Mar-20 https://bit.ly/3fSy8JQ Videos
17 IEA - High-level expert consultation on digitalisation, energy efficiency and smart grids - morning session 11-Mar-20 https://bit.ly/32OOrUh Videos
18 Commercial Impacts Flexible Operations of Thermal Power Stations 27-Feb-20 https://bit.ly/30FE4Q9 Videos
19 The power of NetLume: Enabling data analytics through semantic Modelling 3-Aug-17 Not Available Videos
20 Webinar on Decoding Smart Energy business prospects in India 22-Jan-15 Not Available Videos
21 Super Conductor Fault Current Limiters 10-Nov-14 Not Available Videos
22 Importance of a good network for smart grids, Ensto and its offerings 15-Oct-14 Not Available Videos
23 VVO/CVR technologies and DVI's EDGE VO Solution 17-Sep-14 Not Available Videos
24 GridON_s Fault Current Limiter successfully suppresses faults in live operation 11-Aug-14 Not Available Videos
25 Cyber security strategy for Smartgrid equipment manufacturers 4-Feb-14 Not Available Videos
26 Prototype and Evaluation of Communication Network for WAMPAC System Based on International Standards 18-Jan-14 Not Available Videos
27 Real Time Energy Management in Smart Grid 16-Jan-14 Not Available Videos
28 Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy 19-Nov-13 Not Available Videos
29 GWAC Stack and Interoperability Context Setting Framework 1-Oct-13 Not Available Videos
30 Fiber Optic Instrument Sensors as a basis of the Smart Grid 27-Sep-13 Not Available Videos
31 The latest energy storage solutions technologies 26-Sep-13 Not Available Videos
32 Smart Grid Technologies for Integration of Large Scale Renewab 5-Sep-13 Not Available Videos
33 Last Mile Connectivity Issues and solutions 3-Sep-13 Not Available Videos
34 Smart Grid Standards Developments in Europe 20-Aug-13 Not Available Videos
35 Echelon's Smart Grid Optimization Solution 8-Aug-13 Not Available Videos
36 Webinar on WAMS applications development for Indian Utilities by Prof Soman, IIT Mumbai 7-Aug-13 Not Available Videos
37 Satellite Communications for Smart Grid Applications 6-Aug-13 Not Available Videos
38 Smart Grids in Europe from the Distribution Operators Perspect 18-Jul-13 Not Available Videos
39 The PACE D Program 16-Jul-13 Not Available Videos
40 GridONs breakthrough Fault Current Limiter 10-Jul-13 Not Available Videos
41 EVs and the Smart Grid 10-Jul-13 Not Available Videos
42 First set of Standards for the grid, Where are we today 10-Jul-13 Not Available Videos
43 Top Industrial Control Systems Cyber Threats and How to Manage Them Not Available Not Available Videos
44 Utilities & Smart Meter Data - What will make it work in India? Not Available Not Available Videos
45 ISGF Member Bentley Webinar : Transform the Electrical Grid with a Network Digital Twin 29-Apr-20 https://preview.mailerlite.com/r9u6i3 Not available
46 Webinar on: PLC Technologies for Smart Metering and other Distribution Automation Applications 22-Sep-20 https://bit.ly/2ZcoE5M Videos
47 ISGF & RTI India Webinar on Electricity Distribution: Creating the Change 20-Aug-20 Videos
49 webinar in association with AMAZON WEB SERVICES on Adoption of Frontier Technologies by DISCOMs ~ Myths, Challenges & Way Forward 29 Oct'20 http://ow.ly/Iu2630reLpV Videos
50 Sustainable Air Conditioning with District Cooling System in association with ISGF and Economic Times, Presented by Carrier and Associate Partner Tabreed 17 Dec'20 https://preview.mailerlite.com/r0x9n3 Videos
51 WEBINAR | Frontier Technologies for Electricity Transmission Utilities By ISGF & AWS 28-Jan-21 Videos
52 PJCI Webinar on SMART METER: Opportunities & Challenges 22 April 2021 http://bit.ly/smartmeter220421
53 Webinar on Collaboration between City Gas Distribution and Electricity Distribution Companies to Accelerate Transition to Gas based Economy 06 May 2021 https://indiasmartgrid.webex.com/ webappng/sites/indiasmartgrid/meeting/info/ c2ec3c9da0dc460c9152fa0e725bc290?isPopup RegisterView=true
54 Building a Secure and Efficient AMI, an Indo-French Journey 08 July 2021 https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/buildin g-a-secure-and-efficient-ami-an-indo- french-journey-registration-158698396175 Videos
55 Webinar Development Debate on Powering Smart Cities 07-Jul-21 https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/tZ0qcuGrpjgv GdxTxSzacI_0FdWI5WP2rer2/success?user_id=DhtIw6cTQ7ag Svl-j3zrQQ&timezone_id=Asia%2FCalcutta
56 ISGF Workshop at ACEF on Electric Cooking - The Way Forward 17 June 2021 https://indiasmartgrid.webex.com/webappng/sites/indiasm artgrid/meeting/info/e7c5bd4126c84c95a42d6fd6d90c6fa 2?isPopupRegisterView=true Videos
57 ISGF Workshop at ACEF on Sustainable Air Conditioning with District Cooling Systems 16 June 2021 https://indiasmartgrid.webex.com/webappng /sites/indiasmartgrid/meeting/info/982356 a658da4f6788df15079a19737c?isPopupRegisterView=true Videos
58 ISGF Workshop at ACEF on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics for Electric Utilities 15 June 2021 https://indiasmartgrid.webex.com/webappng/sites /indiasmartgrid/meeting/info/a8a92c2b6f754f18b3ab 417b5d8cabbe?isPopupRegisterView=true Videos
59 ISGF Workshop at ACEF on Blockchain Innovation and Adoption in Electric Utilities 14 June 2021 https://indiasmartgrid.webex.com/webappng/sites/ indiasmartgrid/meeting/info/935d605229f94df195a4 15385e1e5762?isPopupRegisterView=true Videos
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