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Title ISGF Workshop at ACEF on Electric Cooking - The Way Forward
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Start Time 2021-06-17 17:30 (IST)
End Time 2021-06-17 19:00 (IST)

About 4 million people die prematurely from diseases caused by household air pollution, primarily from cooking with firewood, charcoal and biomass. As of 2019, 63% rural and 18% urban households in India use firewood, dung cakes or biomass for cooking. According to a study by World Resources Institute (WRI), while the average PM2.5 in rural India is in the rage of 22 to 112 μg/m³, the indoor PM2.5 concentration ranges from 106 to 512 μg/m³. This explains why 600,000 people died of household air pollution in 2019 in India. The situation is similar in most developing countries around the world.


Having electrified almost all households in the country and with surplus electricity generation capacity, India should actively promote electric cooking. Increasingly higher share of electricity is being produced from renewable resources and during many time slots in a day, cheap electricity is available on the grid. In the year 2018-19, 1500 million LPG cylinders were distributed in India which is not sustainable from the perspective of cost and energy efficiency. New city gas distribution networks cost INR 25,000 (USD 335) per connection. In order to meet the NDC targets it is imperative that emissions from the kitchen must be reduced drastically. Electric cooking is the fastest and least cost route to achieve these multiple targets which will also reduce LPG imports saving billions of dollars.


Ministry of Power, Government of India recently launched a new program “GO ELECTRIC” which has two components – Electric Vehicles and Electric Cooking. This Side Event Workshop will examine and recommend the way forward to promote electric cooking in India and other developing countries.


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