World : Energy and utilities sector can benefit from intelligent automation

Amid an increasingly competitive environment, the global energy and utilities sector is under pressure. New forms of competition, such as innovative startups, marketplaces and decentralised energy generation players are leveraging technology to gain market share. At the same time, consumer demands are changing, with at the forefront a call for more transparency and a growing push for clean, sustainable energy. For incumbents to stay at the industry’s forefront, tapping into the latest technologies is key.

Automation and digitalisation will be critical to address these challenges and to capitalise on opportunities. Technologies, such as robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), are playing a pivotal role in managing the balance between demand and supply, boosting efficiencies in all the entirety of the value chain, innovating the customer experience and transforming business models.

More and more executives in the energy and utilities sector are getting to grip with this belief, as per a new report by Capgemini, a global, public-listed professional services firm. To come to its finding, the firm’s researchers surveyed over 500 boardroom professionals and senior managers in seven different countries.


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Smart Grid Bulletin September 2019

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