Proposed solar-plus-storage projects among Hawaii’s lowest cost renewables ever

Following a report on Friday that Hawaiian Electric has contracted PPAs with 75MW of solar projects including battery storage with developer Clearway, the utility has put before regulators proposals for five other grid-scale projects. reported last week that Clearway has been awarded two grid-scale solar-plus-storage projects on the island of Oahu, one of 39MW PV generation capacity linked to 156MWh of energy storage (the Mililani 1 Solar plant) and another of 36MW PV and 144MWh energy storage (Waiawa Solar project).

In total, Hawaiian Electric Company group companies have submitted to the regulator, Hawaiian Public Utilities Commission, seven projects of this type. There will be one more project on Oahu, two on the main Hawaii Island and two on the island of Maui. If all approved the projects will add 262MW of PV capacity to the islands’ networks, as well as 1,048MWh of energy storage.

Each project will have four hours of energy storage duration, currently thought to be the upper limit which can be effectively provided by lithium-ion batteries. The battery systems will help reduce the usage of fossil fuels in Hawaii, particularly at times of peak demand and other times when solar production is low.

As has often been stated on this site, as a series of islands within a modern economy, energy use in Hawaii has historically been linked with the expensive import of polluting diesel fuel. This has led to some of the highest rates of rooftop solar deployment, as well as supplying a solid business case for using batteries to create dispatchable solar power plants.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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