world : Home solar-plus-storage technology enables Tokyo Electric Power’s smart tariff launch

As Japan’s heavily regulated energy markets continue a process of liberalisation and supposedly increasing consumer choices, utility TEPCO has launched a smart electricity tariff enabled by the capabilities of residential battery storage.

TEPCO’s recently created electricity retail subsidiary Trende Co announced this morning that as of 1 November 2018, customers will be able to sign up to a smart tariff which the company said is linked to “next generation electric storage systems”. Trende (branded as TRENDE), was launched in April this year with TEPCO promising a battery rollout was to come.

Japanese conglomerate Itochu Corporation, which entered the energy storage system business in 2013, is the maker of Smart Star L, a home battery storage device which was developed in partnership with NF Corporation, another Japanese company which is best known for power measurement instruments. As of this month, around 30MW / 95MWh of the Smart Star L units have been sold, which Itochu said adds up to about 10,000 units.

While Itochu said it had entered the market due to the ongoing threat of natural disasters including earthquakes, with energy storage systems helping make individual households resilient from the threat of losing power in emergencies, a tie-in with UK company Moixa has enabled another layer of functionality for the Smart Star systems which has made the new tariffs possible.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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