World : Electric Power Distribution: The Case for Automation

Replacement of aging infrastructure coupled with the rising adoption of smart grids is anticipated to fuel growth in electric power-distribution automation systems.


The automation industry is witnessing an increase in the need for high operational efficiency, improved quality, increased production, higher uptime, and ease of monitoring and controlling industrial processes. The need to meet these requirements is projected to be the key factor driving the adoption of an Electric Power Distribution Automation System (EPDAS). Moreover, increasing investments in infrastructure—coupled with the growing adoption of smart grid solutions across utilities—are poised to create growth opportunities for the players operating in the Global Electric Power Distribution Automation Systems Market.

Utility providers across the globe have been compelled to reliably supply power to their customers and to reduce their operational costs. This is leading to the need for real-time monitoring and management of distribution systems, which can be achieved by deploying appropriate Distribution Automation (DA) systems.

It is noted that electric power distribution systems form a vital part of electrical power systems. Automation of these distribution systems enables utility providers to offer flexible control over distribution systems, which further allows augmentation of efficiency and quality of the services offered. Currently, research and development centers across the globe are focusing on the areas of revolution in communication technologies, coupled with solicitation of the IEC 61850 protocol in power automation, to increase the cost effectiveness of distribution automation. Thus, the DA systems are expected to be widely used in several industrial, residential, and commercial applications in the near future.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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