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Title Webinar : Eyes on the Scene: How Utilities can Partner with First Responders to Improve Situational Awareness
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Start Time 2018-09-06 21:30 (IST)
End Time 2018-09-05 22:00 (IST)

Before utilities can dispatch resources to repair damaged lines or equipment, determining the precise nature and location of damage can help them send appropriate resources to perform repairs, speeding the repair and restoration process. Gathering information about damage in real time is referred to by utilities as “situational awareness.”

According to Eaton’s 2017 US Blackout Tracker, the top 3 outage causes were: 1. Weather and tree damage (45%) 2. Equipment malfunction & human error (31%) 3. Vehicle Accidents (17%) Together, these 3 outage causes contribute to 93% of all outages excluding planned and unknown causes.

First responders are often first on the scene in a community when grid damage occurs. Currently they must radio the 911 dispatcher who in turn places a telephone call to the utility call center to appraise them of the damage. The utility must then roll a “trouble crew” to investigate. What if that troubleshooting could be augmented remotely, using mobile and cloud technology, so the utility could prioritize the most important repairs?

Learn how a leading investor owned utility invested in a smartphone app which was provided to thousands of first responders throughout their service territory. Learn how they leveraged the “power of the crowd” yet focused on signing up trained, professional firefighters and police personnel to provide real-time intelligence to the control room and to crew supervisors throughout the system. National Grid was able to create a win-win partnership. The result: thousands of delighted first responders and communities across three states, over 10GB of GPS-tagged damage photos—both during storms and “blue sky” car hit pole events. Learn how better situational awareness translates to smarter operations every day at National Grid.

PANEL: • Michael McCallan – Vice President, Emergency Planning & Electric Services, National Grid • Deepak Swamy - Founder & CEO, iRestore • Interviewer: PJ Davis - Webcast Producer, Energy Central

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