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ISGF study Paper - A Policy Framework for Electric Rickshaws in Delhi   500$  10
ISGF White Paper- M2M Communications in the Indian Power Sector  500$  10
ISGF White Paper - Need for Allocating a Frequency Band for Power Line Carrier Communications  500$  10
ISGF White Paper - Leveraging Social Media by Electric Utilities for Effective Customer Engagement   500$  10
ISGF White Paper - Feasibility Study for Converting Air Insulated Substations to Gas Insulated Substations  500$  10
ISGF White Paper on SMART CITIES – How R-APDRP Assets can be Leveraged for Building Smarter Cities in India  500$  10
ISGF Concept Note - Smart Microgrid for Campuses and Large Institutions  500$  10
ISGF-BNEF Knowledge Paper on Smart Grids in India  500$  10
India Smart Grid Week 2015- Technical Papers  500$  10

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