• Akshay Srivastava | Research Associate | akshay.s[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Akshay Srivastava is a Research Associate at ISGF. He is working on “Energy Storage System Roadmap for Reliable & Low Carbon Grid in India” with research in domain of Distributed Energy System, Energy Storage System, and Smart Grid & Micro Grids along with load flow studies of network, Internet of Things.

    He hasworking experience of over 4 years in field of Power Utility sector. Prior to ISGF he was associated with Trident Techlabs Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. During this tenure he was involved in Domestic as well as International Projects (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & China). His experience in the field varies from Manual & GPS surveys of electrical network, Load Flow Study, Short-circuit study, switching optimization, Distributed power generation (Solar energy & Wind energy), Harmonic study, Optimal capacitor placement, Protective device co-ordination with in depth knowledge of most advanced Power utility software CYME (CYMDIST) along with SKM Power tool. He was also involved in Energy Audits of Power Utilities and Discoms.

    He has done B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from KNIT Sultanpur (a state government engineering college of UP) &B.Sc (Mathematics). He is also a certified Embedded & Robotics Engineer awarded byHEWLETT PACKARD Training Centre.

  • Balasubramanyam Karnam | Research Associate | bala.k[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Balasubramanyam Karnam is a Research Associate at ISGF.His current research interest in the area of Roof top Solar power management with DC-DC converters, Energy storage, Hybrid systems, Micro grids and Smart grids. He did Master of Technology in Power Electronics and Drives from VIT University.As part of Master’s thesis he worked on Design of Controller for PV Modules under partial shading conditions.

    Prior to joining ISGF, Balasubramanyam Karnam worked as an Assistant Professor in Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Hyderabad. As part of the M.Tech, he did his internshipwith BHELBangalore. He was Awarded Momentum of Merit in Srinivasa Institute of Technology & Science, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, for being Topper in Electrical and Electronics Department in 2013.

  • Bindeshwary Rai | Manager - Projects & IT | b[dot]rai[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Bindeshwary Rai joined ISGF as Manager – Projects & IT. She is taking care of projects implementation and monitoring at ISGF. She is also responsible for the India Smart Grid Knowledge Portal ( She works with President, ISGF for all the official discussions and meetings. She is also working for Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) as Executive Associate to the Chairman, GSGF.

    Bindeshwary worked with Office of Adviser to the Prime Minister in the capacity of a Senior Research Officer for a period of 5 years. At the Office of adviser to PM she has driven various initiatives for the National Innovation Council, NInC, which includes, Tod FodJod Education Initiative, State Innovation Councils, India Innovation Portal. Among the many projects handled at the NInC, she has also lead the team responsible for the development and promotion of official websites and portals and lead the e-office implementation project as part of Public Information Infrastructure Mandate. She was also responsible for organisation of various national and international events as part of the NInC Collaboration with Stakeholders at various levels. These included State Level workshops for various State Innovation Councils constituted by State Governments and Global Innovation Roundtable.

    Prior to joining office of Adviser to Prime Minister, she was associated with the National Knowledge Commission where she was responsible for developing various government portals and public outreach activities.

    She had also worked for Planning Commission (PC) and automated and managed PC - Right to Information management system.

    In terms of academic qualifications, she holds degree in Masters in Business Administration and Master of Computer Application.

  • Harpreet Singh | Senior Business Analyst | harpreet.singh[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Harpreet Singh is working as Senior Business Analyst (BA)IT with over 12+ years of experience in Substation Automation, IED’s, Smart Metering, EMS, SCADA, AMI, AMR, R-APDRP, Smart Home Solutions UK, cloud based solutions. He is currently working on Energy Storage Device roadmap for India by accessing MV/LV stabilization optimization for 40GW RTP by 2020 and much larger by 2031 with ISGF where he is doing load flow analysis and impact on Grid by RTPV and EV (Electrical Vehicle).

    Prior to ISGF, He has worked with Ernst and Young LLP where he had served as Senior Consultant to UHBVN Panchkula for Project Management Unit (PMU) & IT. He was looking after all UHVBN Turnkey project monitoring 33 KV /11 KV, Bid Process Management, gap analysis and IT support as Technical Expert.

    He has also worked with Schneider Electric R&D department as BA IT for research in the field of Substation Automation, SCADA, IED’s, Cloud Based technology, where he was looking after software & hardware development. Before joining Schneider Electric, He worked with Secure Meters Ltd., R&D department as BA IT for development of R-APDRP, MDAS, EMS, Smart Home Solutions, Cloud Based EMS solutions. He was supporting R&D as well as Project implementation teams for R-APDRP projects and EMS solution implementation in India and abroad.He has also worked with Standard Electrical Ltd (flag ship of Havells India Limited) R&D department as Senior Engineer in R&D.

    Harpreet holds Master of Technology in Power Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana and Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. During masters, his area of researchwasAutomatic optimized load shedding at distribution level in which he has developed two new Algorithm/ technique for automatic load shedding.

  • Poonam Chadha | Manager – Operations & HR | poonam[dot]chadha[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Poonam Chadha is working with ISGF as Manager Operations and HR.   She also oversees  Finance,   all statutory compliance requirements of ISGF, a registered Society e.g., ISGF membership, foreign exchange transactions, bank reconciliation,  Accounts payable and Receivables and taking care of the entire gamut of HR responsibilities.   She also assists the President of ISGF in the day to day office administration and the administrative affairs of the  Board of Governors of ISGF e.g., arranging meetings, drafting Board agendas, and minutes of meetings, actioning follow ups wherever required and appropriate record maintenance etc.. 

    She is an able office administrator, has worked for more than 20 years with senior and top managements in  corporate affairs management with one of the top Indian Conglomerates and as an Executive Assistant to the CEO/Chairman of an international investment bank.   Having such high level exposure has made her well versed in executive support functions and  is also the focal point  of office management functions of  HR, Financial Management, Government relationships / liaisoning, international relationship management, foreign collaborations to name a few.

    She holds post-graduate qualifications and additional management qualifications in Personnel Management.

  • Reena Suri | General Manager | reena[dot]suri[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    ReenaSuri, General Manager of India Smart Grid Forum, brings over 18 years of experience in the Energy Sector. Currently, she is in-charge of complete activities of ISGF including research projects, advisory services, business development, training and capacity building programs, customer outreach activities, members relations and finances of ISGF. Some of the key initiatives lead by Reena are exploring opportunities for research projects under grant from donors, conducting various Smart Grid related studies; and use Blockchain and Social Media for utilities.

    Reena has actively contributed to the various advisory services, whitepapers and research reports of ISGF such as:

    • Implementation Plan for Electrification of Public Transportation in Kolkata City
    • Smart Grid Handbook for Regulators and other Stakeholder
    • Blockchain for Electric Utilities
    • Energy Storage Roadmap for India (Work in Progress)
    • Smart Grid Roadmap for Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd (Work in Progress)
    • Study “Development of Roadmap for Implementation of Smart Grid – Concepts, Practices and Technologies in SAARC Region (Work in Progress)
    • Study on “Infrastructure and Enabling Environment for Road Electric Transport in SAARC Member States(Work in Progress)
    • World Bank EV Project: EV Ecosystem Support for Kolkata(Work in Progress)

    Reena is the founder-editor of the Smart Grid Bulletin published by ISGF since January 2014 which has online circulation of over 50,000 senior professionals in 100+ countries. As an outreach specialist, she has been involved in development of the Customer Outreach programs for the utilities implementing the Smart Grid projects in India. The outreach program helps the utilities to educate the project benefits to the customers well in advance of the start of project implementation. Reena is also responsible for designing and delivering training and capacity building programs on various domains of Smart Grids for Policy Makers, Regulators and Utility Officials. Reenais instrumental in making the India Smart Grid Knowledge Portal (, one of the most popular portals on smart grids globally.

    Reena has worked with ISGF Board to conceive, design, develop and the successful delivery of India Smart Grid Week ( since 2015. She is the principal show director of ISGW which in a short span of three years has grown to be the signature event on Smart Grids and Smart Cities around the world. The 4th edition of ISGW in March 2018 attracted over 2000 professionals from 38 countries.

    Prior to joining ISGF, Reena has worked with various International organisations such as Tetra Tech, Nexant Inc., PA Consulting and Academy for Educational Development (AED). She has worked on energy related projects funded by United States Agency for International Development such as Distribution Reform, Upgrades and Management (DRUM) Project, South Asia Regional Energy Initiative for Energy (SARIE) and Small Grants Program. Under the DRUM Project, Reena was involved in various Smart Grid initiatives. Reena has also helped in developing several modules for the trainers on Smart Grid and been instrumental in conducting training at the ‘Train the Trainers workshop on Smart Grids’. She was involved in conducting a series of ‘Smart Grid Maturity Model (SGMM) workshops’ for utilities in India. These workshops enabled her to study the position of Indian utilities on SGMM landscape and their aspirations for future. Reena assisted the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (the largest distribution utility of Southern India) in design of their IT Strategy and Roadmap and pilot architecture design of Smart Grid Pilot.

  • Ronkini Shome | Manager Communication & Business Development | ronkini[dot]shome[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Ronkini Shome serves as an Assistant Manager Communication at ISGF. In this role, she is responsible for handling and managing India Smart Grid Week, an International Conference and exhibition on Smart Grids and Smart Cities. Apart from this she also handles projects on consumer education and various workshops , training programmes at ISGF.

    Ronkini has an overall 10 years of experience in the corporate sector with more than 6 years’ experience in Energy/Power sector domain. She has experience in business development, liaison with various government bodies and stakeholders,project execution and activities related to business services . She is in Environment & Ecology and PGDIM in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.

  • Shuvam Sarkar Roy | Research Associate | shuvam[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Shuvam Sarkar Roy has joined ISGF as a Research Intern and is working on "Development of Roadmap for Implementation of Smart Grid: Concepts, Practices and Technologies in SAARC Region", with research in the domain of Grid Asset Management, Peak Demand Management, Reliability and Quality of Supply, Cyber Security, Renewable Energy and Electric Mobility. Shuvam’ s role in this project is to review the best smart grid concepts, technologies and practices of the world, propose a framework for smart grids, identify and validate the potential smart grid interventions, evaluate and identify the requirements, barriers and challenges to smart grid transition and propose recommendations to overcome investment, policy and institutional challenges.

    Shuvam holds an MBA degree in Power Management from National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Faridabad and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, West Bengal.

  • Shreekant Dhuri | Research Associate | shreekant[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Shreekant Dhuri is a Research Associate at ISGF. He is currently working on the project, "Study on Infrastructure and Enabling Environment for Road Electric Transport in SAARC Member States".Shreekant’s role in this project is to identify and evaluate key enablers of electric vehicle implementation and assess the readiness of SAARC member countries in terms of policy, technology, commercial and institutional aspects,based on which, implementable action points will be developed to facilitate electric vehicle penetration in the respectivenations.

    Shreekant holds an MBA degree in Power Management – from National Power Training Institute, Faridabad and a Bachelor’s degree in Power Engineering – from National Power Training Institute, Nagpur.

  • Sneha Tibrewal | Assistant Manager – Marketing and Communications | sneha[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Sneha Tibrewal works as Assistant Manager – Marketing and communications at India Smart Grid Forum (PPP initiative of Govt. of India) since 2015. She is also Assistant Editor of ISGF Monthly Smart Grid Bulletin which has online circulation to over 50,000 senior professionals in 100+ countries. At India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) she is currently in-charge of managing the overall marketing, corporate communications and media outreach. She plays a pivotal role in managing the marketing and promotion of ISGF’s annual flagship conference and exhibition India Smart Utility Week (Previously known as India Smart Grid Week) which is a signature event for smart grid and smart cities and it is attended by 2000+ delegates from 50+ countries. She also manages the design development, content and outreach of India Smart Grid Knowledge Portal (, one of the most popular portals on smart grids globally; India Smart Utility Week website ( and marketing collaterals of ISGF.

    She has also contributed in customer centric projects at ISGF such as Smart Grid Consumer Education Program; Development of effective Social Media for an Indian Utility for real-time communication with customers. She has also contributed in a session by ISGF on “Leveraging Social Media by electric Utilities for Effective Customer Engagement”. Prior to joining ISGF, sneha has worked with a media agency and she has contributed in annual media planning and release of various clients from industries like government, FMCG, apparel, e-commerce and others. Working with an agency helped her in gaining understanding of customers mindset for different products and services from different industries. She also got deep understanding of various advertising platforms like television, newspaper, radio, cinema, on-ground activations and other non-traditional platforms along with understanding of new era digital and social media promotions.

    She has overall 6+ years of experience in marketing and corporate communications with skills in advertisement buying and planning, market research and promotion strategy, content planning, digital and social media marketing, media outreach and press management.  She holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Amity International Business School.She also holds a certificate by google on digital marketing.

  • Suddhasatta Kundu | Senior Business Analyst | s[dot]kundu[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Suddhasatta Kundu provides Strategic Consulting to ISGF in the Smart utility domain. He has work experience of over 6 years in energy & utility business in areas of cross border power trading, power market operation, policy & regulatory, and strategic business planning across various countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Laos.

    Prior to ISGF he was associated with PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd., and Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. where he was involved in designing cross border power strategy, assessment of energy security scenario of Bangladesh, policy & regulatory analysis and their impact on power sector etc.

    Some of his key responsibilities included estimation of energy efficiency potential of IoT devices, Smart Grid market assessment & business opportunities, reviewing trends in Power sector, and research on smart utility i.e. AMI, energy storage etc.

    Some of his key responsibilities in ISGF included Impact Analysis of IoT in Energy Efficiency in terms of power consumption and also involved in development of various articles on Smart Grid.

    Suddhasatta holds a MBA degree in Power Management – from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies and a Graduate degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (B.Tech) – From Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences.

  • Waqar Shaikh | Accounts Officer | waqar[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Waqar has joined ISGF as an Accounts Officer. He works on Tally package, Preparing Vouchers and making entry in systematics manner on daily basis. Also supports ISGF for all vender payments and receipts, Prepare Invoices, Bank Reconciliation, Prepare TDS and Services Tax Liability and payments, Prepare fund position, Handling cash and cash expenses, Liaising with auditor for conducting audit, making various financial reports.

    He has 15 Year Experience in the area of Account / Finance / Tax in the Service Industries. He is B. Com and MBA Finance.

  • Yashika | Executive – Business Services | yashika[at]indiasmartgrid[dot]org

    Yashika joined ISGF in Feb 2016 as an Executive – Business Services. She is responsible for supporting and handling the participation of Power Utilities in the various Workshops and Training Programs of ISGF including its annual International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Grids and Smart Cities - India Smart Grid Week. Yashika has seven years of experience in business development in the corporate sector and has now worked for more than one year in Power sector with ISGF. Yashika has supported her colleagues in organizing and successfully managing various workshops and events for ISGF. One of her prime responsibilities include managing the ISGF database of officials working in various domains of Smart Grid around the world.

    She is Bachelors in Arts from Delhi University.

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